LaingRose Ltd is a UK-based company specialising in bespoke trust planning. Whatever your needs, we are able to build a secure environment to suit your individual financial requirements and those of your company. Moreover, our team of experts possess the know-how and experience to restructure your wealth so as to bring maximum benefit to you and your family.

Whether you are looking to restructure your company holdings, exit strategies via a company sale, protect your assets, plan for your retirement or simply provide for your family, our team will be able to guide you towards a life-enhancing decision of real and significant value.

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  • hmrc_2914112b-300x187 Tribunal Sets Aside HMRC Information Notice for Lack of Clarity (3/25/2015) - A recent tribunal decision gave further credence to the common view in the professional community that HMRC’s present stance is to adopt a position, tell the taxpayer, and worry about trifling points of law and the piffling news to justify their actions later.
  • flags_3230636b French Tax on Second Homes Ruled Illegal (3/24/2015) - The European Court of Justice has announced that President Hollande's tax on second home owners violates European law and is now deemed illegal.
  • iStock_000015436622_Large The Use of Trusts Continue to Decline (3/4/2015) - Changes to the UK tax regime in recent years, and possibly the use of scare tactics by the government have contributed to the decline in people using trusts, even though trusts can help towards a secure financial environment for the future of your family.

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