LaingRose Ltd is a UK-based company specialising in bespoke trust planning. Whatever your needs, we are able to build a secure environment to suit your individual financial requirements and those of your company. Moreover, our team of experts possess the know-how and experience to restructure your wealth so as to bring maximum benefit to you and your family. Whether you are looking to restructure your company holdings, exit strategies via a company sale, protect your assets, plan for your retirement or simply provide for your family, our team will be able to guide you towards a life-enhancing decision of real and significant value.

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  • hqdefault HMRC ‘Scare Tactics’ Video Tells Children to Pay Tax (11/19/2014) - A new film by HM Revenue & Customs warns children about the importance of paying tax when they are older, but it is branded a ‘scare tactic’. The video will be released to schools later next month, aimed at children between the ages of fourteen and seventeen, as part of citizenship lessons, which are now […]
  • hmrc-tax-list_2488854b HMRC Resorting to Using Psychologists to Get People to Pay (10/13/2014) - HMRC has used a team of psychologists and "behavioural economists" to make people feel guilty if they don't pay their taxes on time, Danny Alexander revealed at the Liberal Democrat party conference.
  • PX8356073455977140_3065416b Red Ed is after your mansion; release the hounds. (10/9/2014) - Sometimes it just seems like Ed Miliband just doesn’t want to be elected. While the Tories were helping the troubled middle class by extending the fiscal moment at which the 40% band kicks in, “Red Ed” seems intent on bringing nothing but hurt to his middle class kith and kin in London and across the South East.
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